Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms paper has been accepted!

I am happy to announce that my paper Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms has been accepted in the Soft Computing Journal (Impact Factor 1.88). This paper describes some ideas about how the Evolutionary Algorithms should be defined in the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm. OSGiLiath is also described as a technological example (and the specific usage of OSGi and ECF).

The abstract:

This work presents a Service Oriented Architecture for Evolutionary Algorithms (SOA-EA), and an implementation of this architecture using a specific technology (called OSGiLiath). Service Oriented Architecture is a computational paradigm where users interact using services to increase the integration between systems. The presented abstract architecture is formed by loosely coupled, highly configurable and language-independent services. As an example of an implementation of this architecture, a complete process development using a specific service oriented technology is explained. With this implementation, less effort than classical development in integration, distribution mechanisms and execution time management has been attained.
In addition, steps, ideas, advantages and disadvantages, and guidelines to create service oriented evolutionary algorithms are presented. Using existing software, or from scratch, researchers can create services to increase the interoperability in this area.

I’ll update the final reference after the final publication, but if you are interested in receive a draft version, just let me know.

UPDATE: The online version is already published:


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8 Responses to Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms paper has been accepted!

  1. Javier Paredes says:

    first of all congratulations for the recognition of your work!!
    Secondly, could you please send me a draft copy? I’m not an expert, but, I am interested in EA.

  2. Fergunet – IMO an interesting area of research! Would appreciate a draft. I’m also interested in how the new OSGi Alliance R5 resolver specification might be used to realise adaptive runtime assembly behaviours.

    Best Wishes – Richard.

  3. Fabian says:

    Congratulations for the accepted paper! I am also doing research on EAs and would very much like to receive a draft of your paper.

    Best wishes,

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