#5Hackathon: Day 1

After my presentation of OSGiLiath in the Hackathon, a group of students and programmers contacted with me to join to (the so-called) OSGiLiART project.

The participants are Robermoji, Abpelegrina, DCalabria, Rubenhek, PardiML and DonFruela.

Today we divided the work in several initial packages:

  1. Coordination (creating Google Groups, documents, Sourceforge users…)
  2. State of the art in Evolutionary Art
  3. Testing and documenting Processing primitives
  4. Integration of Processing in Java

A number of tickets were created in the Sourceforge Tracker, and each participant chose their tasks. In the afternoon we were working in a coworking space called Cocoroco, with the other participants in the Hackathon. It is a cool place to work, and other users of the space were interested in our projects, and of course, many visitor’s card were interchanged 🙂

Members participating in @osgiliathSOA


About fergunet

PhD at Computer Science. I like Doctor Who.
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