Conclusions of the #5Hackathon

So, the #5Hackathon is over! (day 1 and day 2). It has been an amazing weekend of learning and programming experiences that have improved a lot OSGiLiath, with the new module OSGiLiART. In summary, we have tackled the next big achievements:

  1. A state of the art on Evolutionary Algorithms. A new paper is being prepared!
  2. A lot of documentation has been added to the Google Group package (Processing primitives, tutorials…).
  3. A Human Guidance GUI to vote the most “aesthetical” pictures and adding metadata for future classifications. See it in action hereHG
  4. The new module OSGiLiART: new basic “artistic” individuals have been added: a set of circles in random positions or in a GRID. Two different fitness: comparing histograms (H, S, V, R, G or B) and pixel matching. And, a HUGE number of manipulation classes! (see for example the SVN statistic obtained with StatSVN).


Look at the results of the first executions (they must be improved). This example is using the Pixel Matching Fitness.


Finally, a resume of the experience is also available in this presentation:


About fergunet

PhD at Computer Science. I like Doctor Who.
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