OSGiLiath at #GECCO2013

This week several members of Geneura group and ANYSELF project are attending to GECCO 2013 conference in Amsterdam. I’ve presented two papers related with OSGiLiath:

The first one, entitled Developing Services in a Service Oriented Architecture for Evolutionary Algorithms has been presented inside the EvoSoft workshop. It is a more technical continuation of the work “Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms“. Here is the abstract:

This paper shows the design and implementation of services for Evolutionary Computation in the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm. This paradigm allows independence in language and distribution, but the development requires to manage some technological and design issues, such as abstract design or unordered execution. To solve them, OSGiLiath, an implementation of an abstract Service Oriented Architecture for Evolutionary Algorithms, is used to develop new interoperable services taking into account these restrictions.

And here the presentation:

I also have presented the work “A Service Oriented Architecture for EAs: applications and first results” in the GECCO Student Workshop, where a doctoral consortium discussed with me about the actual state of my thesis.

The abstract:
This paper shows the stage of development of a Service Oriented Architecture for Evolutionary Algorithms and the first results obtained in two different areas.
The abstract architecture is presented, with its assocciated implementation using a widely used technology. Results attained in experiments with parameter adaptation in distributed heterogeneous machines are presented and the usage of the architecture in
Evolutionary Art is also applied.

The presentation:

Finally, I tried to use an interactive poster in the poster session using post-its to represent services and implementations, but they fell every 10 seconds as leaves in autumn.



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