Genetic Programming for RTS bots paper accepted in Evostar 2014

Our paper “Tree depth influence in Genetic Programming for generation of competitive agents for RTS games” has been accepted in Evostar 2014 conference, that will be held in Granada. In this paper we propose a GP algorithm to create bots that play Planet Wars game. The generated bots outperform previous available bots in the literature, and not human knowledge has been used to model them. The source code of the operators used is in this folder of github.

The abstract:

This work presents the results obtained from comparing different tree depths in a Genetic Programming Algorithm to create agents that play the Planet Wars game. Three different maximum levels of the tree have been used (3, 7 and Unlimited) and two bots available in the literature, based on human expertise, and optimized by a Genetic Algorithm have been used for training and comparison. Results show that in average, the bots obtained using our method equal or outperform the previous ones, being the maximum depth of the tree a relevant parameter for the algorithm.


Draft is available here.


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PhD at Computer Science. I like Doctor Who.
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