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PhD at Computer Science. I like Doctor Who.

Genetic Programming for RTS bots paper accepted in Evostar 2014

Our paper “Tree depth influence in Genetic Programming for generation of competitive agents for RTS games” has been accepted in Evostar 2014 conference, that will be held in Granada. In this paper we propose a GP algorithm to create bots … Continue reading

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OSGiLiath has been migrated to GitHub

GitHub is growing as an important web-hosting site for open source projects, being the most popular source code forge (more than Sourceforge and Google Code). It facilitates the duplication of existing repositories (there is not mandatory to be a project contributor … Continue reading

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Using SOAP and REST web services as communication protocol for distributed evolutionary computation

Although it is not based with OSGiLiath I’m happy to announce we have just published the next paper: Castillo, P. A., García-Sánchez, P., Arenas, M. G., Mora, A. M., Romero, G., & Merelo, J. J. (2013). Using SOAP and REST … Continue reading

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Distributed genetic algorithms on mobile phones

One of my firsts publications was also related with distributed Evolutionary Algorithms in heterogeneous devices. My final degree project was a framework (called Ulfsark) to easily communicate between mobile phones. Before iOS and Android it was a darker time where … Continue reading

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OSGiLiath at #GECCO2013

This week several members of Geneura group and ANYSELF project are attending to GECCO 2013 conference in Amsterdam. I’ve presented two papers related with OSGiLiath: The first one, entitled Developing Services in a Service Oriented Architecture for Evolutionary Algorithms has been … Continue reading

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Accesit for OSGiLiath in the local edition of the Free Software Contest #CUSL7

Yesterday, it was the final of the local edition of the Spanish Universitary Free Software Contest and OSGiLiath was awarded with an accesit : ) The winner of the event was Zomblind, an awesome game for blind people. Participating in … Continue reading

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README file added

The README file has just been added to the project repository,  and it also added in this web to be consulted online in the About page. It summarizes some useful information about the project, to centralize the most important information of OSGiLiath, … Continue reading

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