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Getting Started with OSGiLiath (Eclipse)

This post will guide you to download OSGiLiath into Eclipse to start executing evolutionary algorithms or developing new services. The steps are: Set up Subversion in Eclipse Download OSGiLiath from repository Configure OSGiLiath Launch OSGiLiath Launch OSGiLiath outside Eclipse (for … Continue reading

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The problems of develop a highly-flexible framework

Although the OSGiLiath core is finished I am still developing new services and algorithms to add to the framework. Working with Service Oriented Architecture, publish/subscribe events and classic OOP at the same time gives you SO MUCH flexibility that your … Continue reading

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Why OSGi?

I chose OSGi to develop this framework for several reasons: The first (and main) reason is the flexibility that provides. In OSGi a service (as all services in Service Oriented Architecture) is formed by an interface and an implementation. To … Continue reading

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